Reality Tells Us Most Relationships End In Break-ups....Will Yours?

"How To Have a Hot Relationship and Make Your Partner Stay With You..." 

Little Known "Psychology Secrets" Behind Attraction and Relationships...and How You Can Use Them To Help Your Relationship

(Keep reading for 3 relationship myths that you hear all the time...but are ABSOLUTELY WRONG and may destroy your relationship!)

Warning: "If you're interested in improving, keeping, or saving your relationship, then I urge you to read every word of the following relationship secrets I am about to show you...including the three relationship myths most people don't know about..."


By Marius Panzarella, Web Dating Coach.

Dear Fellow Smart Dater,

So you've read my free newsletter and practiced my Smart Dating Course. Maybe you've even attracted a partner and started a relationship using my advice. Well, guess what? I have a couple of very important questions for you.

  • Do you think the romantic chemistry is dying in your relationship?

  • Do you find yourself running out of things to say when you're with your partner?

  • Do you worry about other people stealing your partner from you?

  • Do you find your partner calling you less and less?

  • Do you worry that partner will eventually see through your "mask", call you out on your "tricks", and leave you for another person?

  • Do you have trouble "revealing your feelings" while keeping the attraction and romantic respect high?

  • Do you think your partner is taking you for granted?

  • Do you find yourself wanting to sink back into the role of a "wuss" as the relationship goes on?

  • Do you have trouble remaining a challenge to your partner?

  • Do you seem to always attract the wrong partners?

  • Do you worry about not being able to "stay cocky" (if that's what you've been taught) in a relationship?

  • Do you get jealous when your partner talks to other people?

  • Do you wish you could bring back the "honeymoon period"?

  • Do you worry about your power slipping away from you as time goes by?

  • Do you still feel like you're not ready to "open up" sexually or intimately?

  • Do you feel your self-image shrinking back to its original shape over time?

If you have said "yes" to any of these questions, then I think I can help you...with my brand new "Smart Relationships Course."

The Story of How Marius Panzarella Became A Relationship Coach...

For those of you who know me, my name is Marius Panzarella and I run a very popular dating newsletter. I am also the author of many dating books for men.

When I first started my dating newsletter, I was more of a “pick up coach” for men. I taught men how to pick up women. (I can proudly say that I still do!) But as time went on, I noticed more and more readers were asking me for relationship advice. I also noticed my female fan base was consistently getting larger. And just like the guys, my female fan readers had a lot of relationship questions to ask.

To make a long story short, I eventually caved in to the pressure and wrote a new Smart Relationships Course to answer some of the questions my readers (both male and female) ask me about relationships - often over and over again.

But before we go any further, let us begin by shatter a few relationship myths...

Relationship Myth #1:
"Communication Is Everything"

Watch any talk show or go walk down the self-help aisle at a bookstore, and you will see tons of popular dating or relationship experts talking about using “good communication” to fix relationships.

I disagree with these experts. In fact, I think in many cases, focusing too much on proper communication at the wrong time will only make things worse – especially if the person trying to communicate is the needy one.

Communication without romance will only HURT a relationship...always remember that!

Very often, my clients tell me how they have gone through couple therapy or gone to other dating coaches help…and have worked very, very hard to “communicate” with their partners, but things “are still not working out.”

This is what happens when you try to work on communication (intimacy) WITHOUT working on passion first. If you put a bitter couple without a romantic spark in a room and get them to talk, they are just going to argue. Forcing them to communicate or to go through meditation will only make things worse.

FACT: You must work on the attraction before you try to improve the communication, or you will just push your partner away.

That’s why I always teach my clients to assess their relationships and build up the chemistry before communicating with their partners. In my experience, it works a lot better this way.


Relationship Myth #2:
Passion and Attraction Always Die..."

Speaking of passion and attraction, a common myth I hear all the time is that passion and attraction always turn into commitment and friendship over time.

I strongly disagree.

After years of experience of working with couples around the world, I can tell you that in every relationship that lasts, there's always a certain amount of passion and attraction.

Even though the passion may not be as strong as when the couple first met, there will STILL be attraction and chemistry...

Without this chemistry, a relationship will quickly turn into nothing more but a "friendship”. When that happens, the passion will die, the relationship will become hollow, and both parties will be more tempted to look for "fun" outside the relationship.

Here's what I believe in:

The couple that plays is the couple that stays!
(Repeat this to yourself ten times!!!!)

FACT: It doesn't matter how long you've been together with a person, be it months, years, or decades. If you want a healthy relationship, you must NOT become lazy and let the romance die. You have to keep it going. You have to keep the chemistry high or your relationship will die.

Throughout my new relationship course, I will teach you many ways to increase the passion in your relationship.

I will teach you exactly what you need to raise the passion in your relationship so that your partner will be "in love" with you "all over again." (Just like when you first met!)Then I will show you how to really strengthen the communication.

With my simple step-by-step instructions, you will raise the chemistry between you and your partner to a whole height...

...and keep it there!!!

Relationship Myth #3:
"My Case Is Different..."

If I could have ten dollars for every client who told me their case was somehow “different” or “special”, I would be a rich, rich man. As humans, we have the tendency to pick out the differences instead of seeing the similarities. It’s just how our brains work. But if you want success, you need to look at the common recurring patterns in the world around you and see how they apply to YOUR life.

Here’s a little example. Imagine you're a woman one of your girl friends is going out with a chronic liar and gambler. Every week, she sobs on the phone and tells you all about the drama she is going through.

To her, her case is probably too “special” and “unique” for any relationship book out there. But to you, you just think she’s one of the many women who have fallen for the wrong man.

And you're probably right...

At the end of the day, any experienced relationship coach can reduce her whole case into one short little paragraph and tell her what’s probably going to happen to her relationship in the future based on similar cases they have worked on in the past. (I do it all the time!) And if she refuses to listen to the advice, she may one day turn into a statistic along with the hundreds, thousands, of even millions of relationships that fail for similar reasons every year. How’s that for uniqueness?

I have seen and worked with thousands of relationship cases over the years, and I bet I can explain yours!

FACT: In every field or activity, you can find patterns of success and failure. Love and dating are no different. Everything can be reduced to a set of rules and suggested actions.

So here’s a little tip…as you go through my relationship course, try to use what you learn to summarize your relationship in as few words as possible. (I will even do some of the work for you through my examples.) You’ll be amazed at how clear the toughest relationship problem will become. This may hurt your ego because your relationship will not be as special as you thought it was anymore, but it will definitely make your love life (or crazy relationship) a lot easier to handle!


This Relationship Course Will Open Your Eyes...

Remember how it felt when you first read my Smart Dating Course?

Remember how it opened your eyes to new perspectives and helped you find all your little blind spots?

Remember how you wanted to smack yourself on the forehead every time you came across a mistake you had made in the past?

Guess what? You're about to open your eyes all over again. But this time, it will be with relationships! But instead of me blowing smoke up my own butt, let me give you a quick presentation of the Smart Relationships Course.

You'll learn:

  • How to "tease" your partner and take the chemistry to the next level. (Warning: This is totally different than teasing a woman or guy you've just met...)

  • Effortless ways to gain power in your relationship and raise the romantic respect. (Your partner will want to stay with you!)

  • One technique that you can use to "freak your partner out" when they "misbehave"... (Forget about nagging...this works MUCH better!!!)

  • How to lift your partner up when they are down. (Ignore this tip, and you may actually push them into their cave!)

  • How to change your partner's mood instantly. (This will turn you into a real life Jedi!)

  • How to prevent the chemistry from dying. (EVERYONE should know this!!!)

  • How to make your partner think you're the only person in this world who understand them. (You can use this technique on anyone!!!)

  • How to build a successful meta-frame for dating. (Essential for long-term relationships.)

  • When and how to say "I love you". (Ignore this chapter and you could push your partner away...)

  • How to diffuse any argument! (Powerful, powerful stuff!)

  • 10 "flattery secrets" you can use to make your partner feel absolutely wonderful...(You can use these secrets at work and in business too!)

  • How to remain a challenge...even when you're totally in love. (This one secret alone will be worth the price of the course.)

  • Why ultimatums and other "common relationship strategies" don't work. (And what you should do instead...)

  • The one thing that most couples ignore...and why it is DEADLY. (It's really a shame most people don't recognize this...)

  • The types of men and women to avoid dating at all costs.

  • How to overcome your addiction to relationship drama. (This may literally "save your life" one day!)

  • How to deal with your partner's friends and family. (They are going to love you and want to be on your side!)

  • How to demand respect from your partner. (Powerful!)

  • How to compliment your partner without saying a word. (This actually works MUCH better than complimenting a person verbally!)

  • How to diffuse jealousy, be it on your end and on your partner's end. (Jealousy can destroy a this is VERY important!)

  • What to do when your partner "wants more space." (I'll show you how to make them love you again!)

  • How to deal with losers who hit on your partner...(Without making yourself look insecure!)

  • Things you must know before moving in together...(I've seen these issues destroy so many relationships, it makes me sad to even think about them...)

  • How to handle money as a couple...(This is especially important if you guys have different incomes...)

  • How to get your partner to spend more time with you...(No matter how busy they are!)

  • What to do if your partner cheats on you. (And how to rebuild the trust...)

  • How to deal with crazy ex's. (Be it your ex or your partner's ex...)

  • 10 deadly relationship mistakes that cause breakups. (You don't want to make these mistakes!)

And MUCH, MUCH more...

(Here Is What You Will Be Getting With My Smart Relationships Course...)

Component #1:
The Smart Relationships Course Manual

The "meat" of my relationship course is my 290-page main course manual. This book will be very different than any other dating book out there. Most of the dating e-books on the Internet are “seduction” books that won’t teach you anything worth knowing about relationships, while most of the hardcover books on relationships at the bookstore are sappy books that won’t teach you how to keep the attraction high. I believe this book will change that. The Smart Relationships Course will give you practical relationship advice that actually work – without the spiritual mumbo jumbo that comes with most relationship books.

This is by far the my favourite dating book I've ever created written, and contains some really powerful stuff. If you thought the basic course was good, you will love this course! Just be prepared to change the way you think about love and relationships again!


Component #2:
Bonus Reports

I have also written 3 bonus reports that will help you improve your relationship. More bonus reports will come in the future, and they will be available to members for free.

Bonus Weapon #1 - The Anti Girlfriend/Boyfriend Stealer

Years ago I wrote a book called The Girlfriend Stealer that taught guys how to steal women from cocky jerks. Now, for my relationship course, I have included my new Anti Girlfriend / Boyfriend Stealer. This book will teach you how to prevent your partner from being stolen from other people. This book is a must-read if you don't wanna have your boyfriend or girlfriend stolen by a third party!!!

Bonus Weapon #2 - 100 Smart Relationship Rules

To make life easier for you, I have extracted various ideas from my course manual into a quick reference manual. This way, you can review the rules list every week to see if you're doing everything right.

Bonus Weapon #3 - The Smart Relationship Kit

You will also get a portion of my personal  Relationship Diagnostic Kit. This kit contains the same relationship questions I use to diagnose my clients.  Keep a copy of this kit on your desk, as it will be like having a personal dating coach by you 24/7

 Plus a couple of secret bonuses!


Component #3:
Email Support and Free Updates

As with all of my programs, if you have any dating or relationships questions, you can email me for advice at any time. Most dating coaches charge at least $25-50 per question. (Actually, most just ignore the emails they receive!) But as a member, you can email me with any questions anytime, free of charge, and I will respond as soon as I can. 

Lastly, you will get free updates when they become available.

So How Much Is The Smart Relationships Course?

Let's cut to the chase. The cost of this program is $39.95. Considering the top-notch material in the course and the amount of support I give my readers, I think this is a real bargain. After all, a pair of concert tickets or a nice romantic dinner for two can cost much more than $39.95, and those things can't even help your relationship as my course can.

As I always say, having a long-term vision is important if you want to have any kind of success in life. And if you look at what you will get from my course, the $39.95 is a raindrop compared to what you will get in return. Those who have been through a bad relationship or a nasty divorce will definitely agree with me!



It Gets Better Still...Your Success Is Completely Guaranteed

My relationships course comes with  my  60-Day FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So try out the manual risk-free. I believe in what I am offering you. So if you don't feel your love life has been transformed by my package, then simply send me an email and I will ask ClickBank to refund your money right away. You can even keep the books as a thank you from me for trying my books out. The risks are ENTIRELY on ME

Furthermore, your transaction will be discreet and safe. (Not that anyone would blame you for wanting to improve your relationship!)

When you click on the order button below, you'll go to my secure order page for your credit card information. As soon as you fill in your orders you will be able to download the book immediately as Adobe Acrobat PDF files - a standard format that can be read by both Windows and Mackintosh computers. 

Your transaction will be 100 percent secure and discreetly billed to you by Clickbank. Within the next five minutes, you could be learning all the relationship secrets that have taken me years to learn...

If You Want To Raise Your Skills To The Mastery Level, You'd Better Act Fast!

The time to act is now. You and I already know that if you've read this far, you want to make your relationship work and to take it to the next level. All that's left is to take the action to do it.

I'm delighted to be able to offer you this chance to take the next step forward with your love life, with powerful strategies that have already worked for thousands of men and women across the world.

It will take your love life to a whole new level, and you'll wish you had downloaded this course a long time ago - I promise!


Marius Panzarella.


P.S. Once again: A nice romantic meal for two can cost much more than my Smart Relationships Course. Yes, think about that! Is your love life worth more than $39.95? I would hope so...

P. S: As with all of my course, most of what I teach in this relationships course can also be applied to other areas of your life, such as school, business, or work!